Dubai, UAE, 26 January 2009 – GE Healthcare recently unveiled its ‘digital day one’ initiative aimed at enhancing a hospital’s performance from the first day of operation. Aspetar, the Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, is the first and only Sports Medicine Hospital in Doha. It aims to deliver world class care and services, and is a regional example of GE’s Centricity Enterprise, a hospital wide IT solution, and Clinical Information Systems, supporting a ‘digital day one’ installation. Both systems were basically fully operational since the first day the hospital went live in early 2007.

Aspetar’s proactive IT strategy led to the improvement of the hospital’s overall performance while optimising patient care with improved quality, efficiency and the ability to treat more patients from ‘day one’. “We wanted the latest digital technology in every aspect of our operation and clinical practice,” said Tom Bell, chief operating officer at Aspetar Hospital. “Together with GE Healthcare, we have implemented healthcare IT software in record time, making a significant contribution toward Aspetar Hospital’s global goal of delivering best demonstrated healthcare technology.”

GE’s Centricity Enterprise is an ideal choice to support this goal. The solution offers comprehensive lifetime health records, and capabilities to promote patient management as well as clinical excellence. Integrated multi-disciplinary modules promote consistency of care with seamless connectivity across modalities and deliver greater efficiency as well as a streamlined paper-light environment.

“The need for enterprise-wide IT solutions is playing a crucial role in the growing and fast developing healthcare markets of the Middle East region. With digital data management, costs are kept under control,” said Juergen Reyinger, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare IT’s business. “We are pleased to support these markets with our Centricity Enterprise solution for a seamless management of complex healthcare systems. Our focus is to continue being a strong and reliable partner for our customers to help them cope with today’s economic, social and demographic challenges,” he concluded.

At this year’s Arab Health in Dubai, GE Healthcare’s extensive portfolio of Enterprise, Imaging and Clinical IT solutions will be on display.