GE Healthcare IT, a division of General Electric Company, has announced an agreement with Euromedic Diagnostics that will implement web-based PACS solutions in their Poland and Hungary-based healthcare institutions. The installations are underway, with plans to outfit 17 Polish and 11 Hungarian sites while establishing central data centres in both countries.

Web-based Centricity PACS technologies will create new opportunities for more effective cooperation among health professionals, while driving PACS evolution and teleradiology offerings to the next level. Not only will the solution allow a simple image transfer from one hospital to another, but it will provide integrated advanced workflow solutions, over great distances, between multiple healthcare providers.

The primary goal of implementing the web-based Centricity PACS solution is to improve the radiology and clinical workflow, and efficiency, at Euromedic’s healthcare centres throughout the countries.

“GE Healthcare is a recognised provider in healthcare IT solutions,” said Dr Piotr Janicki, CEO of Euromedic International Poland. “Based on the long history of successful cooperation between us, as well as the superior technical features of the GE PACS installation, we have decided to rely on a solution that fulfils our needs and creates added value for our organisation.”

With the fast and simple access to patient information this solution delivers, Euromedic can increase the efficiency of their providers’ daily routines. Radiologists and clinicians can consult, report and diagnose without the boundaries of time, location or institution. They can even access the system from home, using a broadband Internet connection.

“By empowering our staff with innovative IT technology, we are significantly improving the services to our patients. This clearly gives us a great technological advantage,” Dr Janicki emphasised.

“Our new partnership with Euromedic will accelerate the next wave of technological advances in Poland’s and Hungary’s healthcare systems,” said Juergen Reyinger, vice president and general manager of GE Healthcare IT Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Looking to connect multiple institutions, vendors and the local population with a fully integrated IT solution, this ambitious project will definitely be one of Eastern Europe’s role model installations.”