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Portable PC-Based Ultrasound Scanners, Imaging Tools for 3D Sonography, Panoramic Imaging, Speckle Reduction

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Telemed develop and manufacture a new generation of ultrasound imaging systems and notebook based scanners. Amongst its range of products are the Echo Blaster 64 and Echo Blaster 128 family of PC-based ultrasound scanners, advanced imaging tools for virtual 3D-sonography (3Dview), panoramic imaging (PanoView) and real-time speckle reduction (ClearView) and devices for OEM.


The LogicScan 128 ultrasound imaging system is a color doppler device. Its key features include digital doppler multi-beam processing that considerably increases frame rate during color and power doppler imaging and a novel hybrid signal processing module that allows to noticeably improve sensitivity. Additionally, Pulsed Wave (PW) spectral doppler will be available as a software upgrade.

LogicScan 128 is equipped with a wide variety of probes to cover a broad range of application areas. It can be used as an entry-mid-level color system for applications in obstetrics and gynecology, general and musculoskeletal imaging, vascular access and others.


Due to the growing performance of the notebooks, PCs can process ultrasound data in real-time. The use of a PC brings down costs as there is no need to use expensive specialized machinery.

ClearView - real-time image enhancement by removing speckles (top: original image, bottom: processed image).
Echo Blaster - a line of ultrasound scanners with open architecture for advanced image processing.
3DView - software tool for free-hand, tracker-free 3D visualization.
PanoView - software tool for the generation of wide field-of-view images.
LogicScan 128: portable color doppler.

The flexibility of these "true PC-based" scanners provides an easy integration of advanced technologies such as 3D imaging, wide field-of-view imaging and real-time speckle reduction.


Echo Blaster is a line of ultrasound scanners with open architecture for advanced image processing.

Adopting a variety of state-of-art techniques such as advanced focusing, wide bandwidth probe technology, the Echo Blaster 64 and Echo Blaster 128 are equipped with imaging modes: B, M (B+B, B+M), real time zoom, and high line density imaging.

A special color-processing module can be used to increase differentiation of low contrast tissues. The systems support a very high capacity cineloop capability to record a maximum 2,048-frame (approx. two-minute) cine clip directly onto the hard drive or CD-ROM.

With the newest broadband probes an optimum frequency can be selected from up to six frequencies (for Echo Blaster 128) to ensure the best image for each examination situation.


3DView is a software add-on for viewing coronal, sagital and lateral scans as well as three-dimensional realistic imaging of anatomic structures. The diagnosis is more immediate and safe because of the complete acquisition and visualization of the region under examination.

The 3DView software provides additional information to study. It is possible to review the data, performing a "virtual sonography" after the patient is gone. It is also invaluable for follow-up examinations since it allows an operator to reproduce a given slice from the older scan co-planar to the image of interest on the patient under current examination.


PanoView is a software add-on. It links several ultrasound frames to a large panorama view and produces images with a large anatomic field-of-view. Speed and ease of usage makes it a useful tool in the documentation and monitoring of large superficial lesions, for example hematomas following arterial puncture.


ClearView is a real-time speckle reduction tool for image enhancement. The software is used for add-on and reduction of the speckle artifact. A high-speed algorithm analyses ultrasound images such as low level features like edges and lines.

Its higher-level image representations show texture, regions, object boundaries and then averages. ClearView emphasizes the image based on the results of this comparison. The connection between structures in a living body is improved and at the same time speckle noise is eliminated.


The architecture of Echo Blaster platforms provides solutions for image transfer through e-mail, real-time streaming and remote control of the scanning parameters of the ultrasound system.

Various solutions can be easily implemented in hospitals and clinics for image transfer between departments in different geographic areas.

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