The experts in computer-based ultrasound imaging, TELEMED introduce LogicScan 128 ultrasound imaging system. LogicScan 128 has been developed as a compact and lightweight notebook based scanner, which abilities surpass those of the bigger ones.


The LogicScan 128 ultrasound imaging system is a Color Doppler device. Its key features include digital Doppler multi-beam processing that considerably increases frame rate during Color and Power Doppler imaging and a novel hybrid signal processing module that allows to noticeably improve sensitivity. Additionally, pulsed wave (PW) spectral Doppler will be available as a software upgrade.


LogicScan 128 is equipped with a wide variety of probes to cover a broad range of application areas. It can be used as an entry-level color system for applications in obstetrics and gynecology, general and musculoskeletal imaging, vascular access and others.


Software features include new Echo Wave II software as a standard package and also includes ClearView – for real-time speckle noise reduction. For OEM customers LogicScan beamformer is also available in the package with SDK.

Other special features include:

  • unlimited programmable presets for clinically specific imaging
  • direct e-mail sending function with image or video attachment via Internet
  • printing on system printer
  • extensive calculation and measurement packages
  • screen resolution optimized for wide screen displays

LogicScan 128 has already received CE marking approval and is available since October, 2007.