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Fully Integrated Clinician Information Support System (CISS) and Online Medical Record System (OMR)

Technology Centre,
8 Tyler way,
CM14 4WE Other,
United Kingdom

Technology Centre,
8 Tyler way,
CM14 4WE Other,
United Kingdom

Meddserve’s applications are the first fully integrated ‘software as a service’ packages for healthcare, bringing together hospitals and health centres with patients in one health network.

Meddserve enables individuals to improve and maintain their health by recording their own medical information online. The company is dedicated to developing, hosting and maintaining its advanced internet health provision applications, Medsystem Online and Medrecord Online.

Fully integrated clinician information support system (CISS)

Medsystem Online is the world’s first fully integrated clinician information support system (CISS); it surpasses the old concept of a hospital information system (HIS). It is unique because it brings all the administrative functions of appointments, laboratory and X-ray ordering, bed availability and booking, and procedures together in a way that supports the doctor in the clinic and is relevant for patient decisions.

A new, cost-effective model of telemedicine

The doctor takes the history and makes all orders online while in the background the accounts tracker logs all items to invoice. Beds can be booked instantly without having to log on to another system. This cuts out all the administrative and coding costs of existing systems, giving unsurpassed management information to perfect hospital efficiency and safety. The built-in referral system and messaging means there is no chance of losing data and no confidentiality can be broken while providing a new cost-effective model of telemedicine. A PACS system is included so no extra fees are paid for this.

Online medical record system (OMR) with patient access

Medrecord Online is an online medical record system (OMR) to replace the old electronic health record (EHR). Medrecord Online stores a person’s medical history, allowing individuals to access and control their own health records – whenever they want to, wherever they are in the world. Consultants can dictate directly into the record. Each person carries a Medcard; this is a ‘dumb card’ with a unique number allocated to a person with a bar code on the back. No data is stored on the card so it can be lost without consequence and is cheap to replace, yet it can save a person’s life.

There are many unique features of Medsystem and Medrecord Online but key is that they are ‘software as a service’. The patient is charged for:

  • Each laboratory test
  • Each image (CT scan, x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc.)
  • Each day in bed

In this way your hospital knows the exact cost of IT. These fees are passed on to Meddserve, who pays for the service. Medsystem Online is therefore free to the hospital or clinic. Installation cost is minimal as we train your staff online and on the job.

A proven clinician information support system (CISS) and online medical record system (OMR)

Both systems use the latest cutting-edge technology currently deployed in India. At ES Hospital Dr Saravanan, the managing director, explains: “We use Medsystem for all functions from daily accounts, laboratory ordering, teleradiology, bed state and booking information. In the last two months we have easily managed 10,000 patients in our hospital and there has been no cost to our organisation. This really is the way to go.”

All additional development is included so if you are expanding in healthcare, as many are, Medsystem and Medrecord Online give you a scalable, flexible service that will allow you to grow.

Standardising working practices

Clinical development has been led by Dr James Britton, who has a background in designing IT systems for genetic research: “Ten years ago we started collecting clinical information for laboratory research and so making the transition to a full hospital application was logical and powerful. It standardises the working practices of doctors to a high level, allowing them to share expertise and knowledge worldwide. ICD 10, HIPAA, HL7 standards are all adhered to.”

Mr Balaganapathy, the technical director, says: “Our philosophy is to bring in-house all the technologies that will maintain a cutting-edge and that are relevant and proven. With our software as a service model we can guarantee that in five years, 50 or 100 years our service will use the most up-to-date technology, whatever form that takes. When you bought old-style software, even before you have paid it starts to go out of date. With us we take our partners with us at all times as part of the service.”

With in-service training the installation costs are kept to a minimum. Contact us for further information and to find out how your organisation can utilise Medsystem and Medrecord Online.

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