Greiner Bio-One Releases New Issue of Customer Magazine bioLOGICAL

Greiner Bio-One is very pleased to present the third edition of its customer magazine bioLOGICAL.

Exciting articles about arterial and venous catheters, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation in healthcare section, await you in this issue.

In the latest issue, the company would like to take you on a trip to Helsingborg to introduce you to Vigmed and its products. This Swedish company was taken over by Greiner Bio-One in 2017.

In the magazine, you will find helpful information about arterial and venous catheters, as well as an exciting interview about the development and application of the products for you.

Further topics include Greiner Bio-One’s SAFELINK tube holder, the basic data protection regulation and the extent that it affects healthcare.

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