The new VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS blood collection needle with optical venipuncture control is a great help for phlebotomy personnel. The latest innovation from Greiner Bio-One brings vision to blood collection at last. When venipuncture has been carried out successfully, blood flow is visible in the view window in the transparent plastic hub of the needle.

The new VISIO PLUS needle is ideally suited for daily blood collection routine. Immediately on correct vein penetration, blood flow enters the transparent hub of the needle, thus indicating to the user that the tip of the needle is in the correct position in the vein lumen. For the phlebotomist, this means this means much more safety. There is no change to venipuncture technique; the only difference is the venipuncture aid.

The VISIO PLUS also has advantages for the patient. Movement in the vein during penetration whilst searching for the vein lumen is sometimes painful for the patient. Due to the visible blood flow in the view window, this movement is avoided. The special cut of the needle tip also makes penetration of the tissue a lot easier. The new VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS needle thus guarantees pain-free, stress-free venipuncture.

From a technological point of view, the VISIO PLUS needle is a further development of the conventional blood collection needle. The established advantages of the standard product are further enhanced by the blood flow control. Our product technology makes the needle design unique – it is manufactured in one piece, not assembled from two separate pieces. Any risk of haemolysis, which can occur due to vacuum suction, is virtually eliminated with the VISIO PLUS needle.

The new needles are available in two different needle sizes (21G and 22G) and two lengths (38mm and 25mm). To distinguish them from the standard VACUETTE® needles, the needle covers are transparent.