The new Greiner Bio-One analysers for measuring the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) are distinguished by their increased ease of comfort as well as functional and technical improvements. Available as of February 2004.

The new modern design with integrated plastic cover to protect the analysis channels from dirt means that just one look is enough to see the difference between the new generation of VACUETTE® SRS analysers and the old ESR instruments. From the technical point of view, equally important improvements have also been made to the ESR analysers: a quieter, higher performance motor with longer product life, a new simplified operation menu, a new LCD monitor and higher quality wear parts. The new analysers are equipped with an automatic auto test function when switching on, which saves considerably on time when analysing. The printer is built into the SRS 20/II and SRS 100/II. A simple connection to the PC or laboratory information system is also possible. Infrared sensors measure the sedimentation rate of the erythrocytes permanently.

Guaranteed quality

Just like before, VACUETTE® tubes can be analysed immediately in the new generation of ESR analysers. All tubes are analysed independently, and the sedimentation rate of each is saved individually. The individual tube analyses do not lead to delays. Before the measurement begins, the analyser automatically checks the fill-level of each tube and a sedimentation curve is represented in graph-form. The one-hour measurement result (Westergren method) can be read after half an hour.

Generation II – three products

As before, the new generation of analysers is available in three product groups, the difference to the former products being made recognisable by the Roman numeral II. The smallest analyser, the SRT 10/II has 10 measuring channels for VACUETTE® tubes and is suitable for use in small laboratories and doctors’ ordinations. The SRS 20/II has 20 measuring channels and is primarily for use in medium sized laboratories. Bigger laboratories with large amounts of samples for analysis will prfer to use the SRS 100/II that has 100 measuring channels.

ESR machines for determining the erythrocyte sedimentation rate according to the Westergren method have been available at Greiner Bio-One since 1997. The analysers are fully automated and controlled by microprocessors, and are distinguished by simple handling. The measurement procedure takes place within an enclosed system, ensuring hygiene and safety for the user, as there is no contact with patients’ blood.