The Greiner Bio-One International AG (public limited company), specialist for specimen collection systems and products for pharmaceutical active substance screening, has it’s headquarters in Kremsmünster, Upper Austria.

The company was formed in 2001 when the Labortechnik branch left the Greiner Holding AG to become an independent concern, which still belongs to the Greiner family. As an innovative systems partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry as well as biotechnology, the company is successfully active in more than 100 countries with more than 1000 employees.

Preanalytics & BioScience

Greiner Bio-One International consists of two company divisions, Preanalytics (Greiner Bio-One Austria) and BioScience (Greiner Bio-One Germany), and is internationally one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers not just of specimen collection systems, but also of products for pharmaceutical active substance screening. The company has manufacturing facilities in Austria, Germany, Hungary and since 2001 also in the USA as well as an international sales network with branches in Austria, Germany, Hungary, USA, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium and Switzerland.

International market presence

Greiner Bio-One operates worldwide in both product division on markets with an annual growth rate of approximately 8 to 10%. Next to the development of new markets, it is the increased technical safety requirements in laboratories and hospitals and the increasing life expectancy in the western industrialised countries as well as the growing need for innovative product to enable quick and cost-effective analysis (linked to medical progress), that promote growth.

Expansion in America

Greiner Bio-One conducts an active expansion policy, which is consistently further promted. The expansion of the American production facility in Monroe/North Carolina was continued with this year. In future, BioScience products will also be manufactured in the States; these will be HTS-products (HTS=high-throughput screening) for pharmaceutical active substance screening. Up until now only VACUETTE® sample collection tubes were produced in Monroe. It is the VACUETTE® safety products that are especially important on the American market, whereby the particularly strict American safety requirements for healthcare play an important role. The products are new and innovative, guaranteeing maximum safety for personnal and patients as far as blood collection is concerned. By 2004 at the latest, the Monroe work should have been expanded to enable double production capacity. There are currently 100 employees in the USA.

Sales Development 2002

In 2002, Greiner Bio-One International AG increased turnover by 16% to €153.6 million. This clearly outperforms the growth rates on the world market and means a significant increase in market shares for both Greiner Bio-One product divisions. Development for the business year 2003 is going well as planned, and indeed, at mid-year, and additional increase was achieved in the company turnover.