The topic of safety is taking an increasingly prominent place in the healthcare field. The new EU Guideline 32/2010 for the prevention of injury from sharp/pointed instruments in hospitals and the healthcare sector is mandatory and must be put into effect by the member states in national regulations for the protection of employees by May 2013.

Alongside raising the awareness of danger and raising the bar for fitting training procedures, using safe instruments plays a significant part in this procedure. The VACUETTE® PREMIUM Safety Needle System from Greiner Bio-One is a passive safety product of the newest generation.

The greatest advantage for the user over conventional products is that no additional manipulation of the product is necessary for the safety mechanism to activate. With the insertion of the vacuum tube into the holder, the needle-protecting cap is automatically released from its anchor. This feature offers maximum ease of use, because the collection technique remains unchanged. After completion of the collection, the needle is carefully removed from the vein. Thanks to the spring mechanism, the protecting cap slides over the needle and encases it securely.

The VACUETTE® PREMIUM Safety Needle System is not only suitable for daily routine collection, but above all for collection from patients with elevated risk of infection. The system is available in three different needle thicknesses (20G, 21G and 22G). The environmentally friendly cardboard packaging is both practical and economical.