ArjoHuntleigh Programme Reduces Sick Leave by 30%

In February 2005, the Diligent concept from ArjoHuntleigh was initiated at the Trust of the Vienna Houses for the Elderly (Kuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser/KWP) with 1,800 care places.

At that time, the Company had difficulties in attracting competent and qualified nursing staff and the number of sick days was increasing continuously. The Trust had extensive experience with products from ArjoHuntleigh, so it was natural to contact ArjoHuntleigh to find a sustainable solution. After thorough presentations and assessments, KWP decided to implement the Diligent programme with its mix of world-class products and continuous training and evaluation.

Since the implementation of Diligent, the Trust has seen a clear reduction in the number of sick days, as was guaranteed by ArjoHuntleigh. In addition, employees are showing a concentrated effort to put the residents’ mobility in focus.

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