ARJO Gives the new Typhoon VIP Treatment

Typhoon, the fully automatic flusher disinfector from ARJO, has been redesigned with innovative user-friendly features that improve efficiency and infection control.

The new-look Typhoon is the first flusher disinfector with a View-In-Process (VIP) solution – a glass window in the door that allows users to check on progress throughout the processing cycle. Typhoon has a new space-saving sliding door with a locking mechanism that makes the door impossible to open during processing.

Opening and closing of the door is now done automatically via a photocell – a handsfree operation that improves infection control. After each cycle the door opens automatically by about 10cm to accelerate the drying process. This machine is the only flusher disinfector with a rotating holder. The holder, which uniquely incorporates a steam nozzle, rotates 150° after the door is locked to automatically empty the receptacles.

“Typhoon is already a proven element in the infection control strategies of many hospitals and care facilities,” says Leif Persson, area product manager for Getinge Disinfection AB. “With the new Typhoon, we offer improved benefits for users
through unique features for a flusher disinfector such as the VIP solution and rotating
holder. The new Typhoon will help users maintain high standards of hygiene, improve
efficiency, simplify procedures and enhance the working environment.”

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