MicroAire Surgical Instruments, located in Charlottesville, Virginia, US, is donating powered orthopaedic surgical instruments and other medical supplies to a team of surgeons heading to Port au Prince this Friday.

The surgeons, Dr Lyle Sorensen and Dr Thomas Green, who are based at Virginia Mason Medical
Center in Seattle, will perform emergency surgery in the Haitian capital over the next five weeks.

“They contacted MicroAire to see if we could outfit them with high-powered, battery-operated surgical
instruments,” said MicroAire president George Saiz. “The immediate response here is to support these
types of efforts as quickly as possible. We are thankful for the willingness of Dr Sorensen and Dr Green,
and others like them, to give in such a personal way to the survivors in Haiti.”

Among the instruments that MicroAire is donating are powerful hand-held reciprocating saws and
sagittal saws, as well as wire drivers and pin drivers that are used to set broken bones.

The demand for orthopaedic surgery is especially acute right now in Haiti because many of the
earthquake survivors have broken or crushed bones. And sadly, to prevent life-threatening infections,
many of the survivors will have to undergo amputation procedures.

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