MicroAire Surgical Instruments is pleased to announce the acquisition of Endotine® bioabsorbable, multi-point, soft-tissue fixation systems for facial aesthetic surgery.

Endotine is a patented system that allows surgeons to attach soft tissue to bone, or to other soft tissue – using special tines instead of sutures – thereby avoiding the tissue-strain associated with sutures.

Although Endotine devices have the holding power of multiple sutures, the system actually has more in common with hook-and-loop systems than with traditional needle and thread. This unique system allows surgeons to adjust the degree of lift during surgery. The additional strength from Endotine’s multiple fixation-points reduces tissue stretching and potential suture failure in a variety of facial procedures, including brow lifts, midface lifts, face lifts and neck lifts.

Customers and distributors of Endotine devices will see no change in the availability of the products. MicroAire is planning to continue the product, invest in the product and grow the brand.

“Many surgeons already know that this is a fantastic product,” said Alan Connor, MicroAire’s vice president of operations. “We’re ensuring that manufacturing and distribution processes remain the same, so that customers and distributors have full access to Endotine products, as they always have. Same people, same location, same contact information. The only change for now will be the addition of the MicroAire logo, and our commitment to supporting and growing this product line.”

MicroAire’s acquisition of Endotine will provide increased distribution capabilities through a larger, combined sales force of Endotine and MicroAire sales representatives. The combined international distribution network could quickly provide distribution of Endotine products and existing MicroAire products into more than 70 countries.

Endotine’s products also add a substantial and complementary market segment to MicroAire’s existing body-sculpting products, including the PAL LipoSculptor, which is the only US-patented liposuction instrument to use a powered reciprocating cannula.

Endotine, whose first product was introduced in 2003 by Coapt Systems, is the featured fixation system at many of the advanced surgeon training courses provided by professional organizations including the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), the American Society of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASOPRS) and the American Society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASFPRS).

MicroAire will continue to use the Coapt name on product packaging and business documents (such as invoices) during the period of product registration and transfer to MicroAire.

Endotine benefits

  • Bioabsorbable: post surgery, there are no secondary procedures for hardware removal. Endotine devices hold tissue securely for three to four months and are then absorbed naturally, typically over a twelve-month period
  • Biologically ‘quiet’: clinical trials showed virtually no issues of inflammation or adverse histologic response
  • Seven years of clinical history, including excellent success rates in peer-reviewed publications
  • Endotine mitigates problems associated with traditional suture methods: tissue stretch, tissue cutting (cheese-wire effect), skin irregularities (dimples and depressions caused by suture loops), and nerve entrapment
  • Endotine can reduce OR time: most Endotine devices can be deployed in a matter of minutes
  • Adjustable: unlike sutures, Endotine allows surgeons to make rapid corrections during surgery. Endotine allows surgeons to achieve their desired results, without having to remove or replace sutures

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