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MicroAire Surgical Instruments

Orthopaedic Surgical Power Instruments

MicroAire Surgical Instruments is one the leading manufacturers of orthopaedic power surgical instruments, and replacement burs and blades.

1641 Edlich Drive,
VA 22911,
United States of America

1641 Edlich Drive,
VA 22911,
United States of America

MicroAire Surgical Instruments is one the leading manufacturers of orthopaedic power surgical instruments, and replacement burs and blades.

MicroAire offers a complete line of orthopaedic power instruments for surgical specialties in large bone surgery, small bone surgery, sports medicine, plastic surgery, hand surgery and veterinary surgery. MicroAire also offers specialized instruments such as the power-assisted lipoplasty and carpal tunnel release systems.


MicroAire is proud to offer the 7000 series, a complete line of battery, electric and pneumatic-powered instruments for large-power orthopaedic applications. The 7000 series features three hand-pieces and a variety of modular reaming and drilling attachments.


The 7500 drill / reamer operates at two speeds that are automatically controlled by 16 different coupler attachments and can be used for applications such as drilling, reaming, pinning, and debridgement.

The 7600 oscillating saw features a proprietary blade-locking system that ensures a secure blade for any procedure. The cutting head may be rotated into 12 positions for cutting in any plane. The saw accepts any of the MicroAire ZO-7000 series oscillating saw blades. The 7700 reciprocating saw completes MicroAire’s large-power system with our simple twist-lock blade mount and a wide variety of saw blades.


The MicroAire SmartDriver system is the most versatile trauma and sports medicine power system on the market today. The SmartDriver system features a variety of different attachments for wire and pin driving, up to 4mm in diameter. The system also features a small Jacob’s chuck and an AO Synthes quick-connect coupler for drilling and installing plates and screws.

The SmartDriver system is available in battery, electric or pneumatic power options, with all coupler attachments being interchangeable. The battery-driven SmartDriver utilizes MicroAire’s 14.4V NiMH battery but it will also operate on large-power batteries and with MicroAire’s alternative direct power console.

MicroAire is the only company to offer a 14.4V NiMH battery, which offers twice as much power and double the run time over the competitors 9.6V NiCd battery systems.


Based on the very popular 2000 series modular instruments, MicroAire is proud to offer the new line of small-power modular instrumentation. The new 1000 series system features 13 modular heat attachments that can be powered using either the 1000 pneumatic motor or 1000ET electric modular motor.

The electric instruments are powered using the robust 1025 electric control console, which will also drive the electric SmartDriver system and the MicroAire Powered Assisted Lipoplasty (PAL) 600E device.


The MicroAire Carpal Tunnel Release System (CTRS) is a technological breakthrough in endoscopic carpal tunnel release. This innovative system uses a minimally invasive approach that provides significant benefits for the patient.

Patients require less time for recovery, returning to work and normal daily activity almost 50% faster than those who undergo conventional carpal tunnel surgery. Improved cosmetic results have also been observed.

Surgeons benefit through having an easy-to-use system, a complete set of supporting instrumentation, tested surgical protocol with documented results, and improved patient satisfaction.


MicroAire’s Power Assisted Lipoplasty (PAL) device uses a 2mm reciprocating movement at 4,000 cycles per minute to facilitate the movement of the cannula in tissue.

As less force is required, especially in areas with more fibrous tissue, the lipoplasty procedure is easier on both patients and surgeons. The PAL device is not ultrasonic; no heat is generated by the instrument or cannula so burning isn’t a concern.

MicroAire and Arthrex Agree to Amicable Settlement on ECTR Patent

MicroAire Surgical Instruments and Arthrex have announced that they have entered an agreement to settle a suit accusing Arthrex of patent infringement and breach of contract. At issue was the patented technology that MicroAire owns for minimally invasive treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

MicroAire Surgical Instruments Acquires Endotine®

MicroAire Surgical Instruments is pleased to announce the acquisition of Endotine® bioabsorbable, multi-point, soft-tissue fixation systems for facial aesthetic surgery. Endotine is a patented system that allows surgeons to attach soft tissue to bone, or to other soft tissue - usi

MicroAire Donates Orthopaedic Surgical Equipment to Doctors Bound for Haiti

MicroAire Surgical Instruments, located in Charlottesville, Virginia, US, is donating powered orthopaedic surgical instruments and other medical supplies to a team of surgeons heading to Port au Prince this Friday. The surgeons, Dr Lyle Sorensen and Dr Thomas Green, who are based at Vir

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1641 Edlich Drive


VA 22911


United States of America