Swann-Morton were recently approached by the Smile Train charity to see if they would donate products to a remarkable surgeon, Mr Hirji Adenwalla, working in the small South Indian town of Thrissur. Smile Train have sponsored over 400,000 safe, quality and totally free reconstructive procedures in over 70 countries during their ten year existence and empower local doctors through training and grants to perpetuate self sufficiency.

Mr Adenwalla has completed over 15,000 cleft pallet procedures and is acknowledged as a “walking encyclopedia” on cleft reconstructive surgery. A very caring and compassionate individual, he was once described by a colleague as the “Mother Teresa of surgery”. Mr Adenwalla said: “We have been using Swann-Morton blades for the last 50 years. The mini blades came to us just ten years ago – once you start using them you can’t do without them.”