December saw the completion of the move of the Surgical Handle
manufacturing Department from “Unit 1” occupied for over 20 years to the new Cobb Works site opposite the main building in Owlerton Green, Sheffield.

The move coincides with advancements in handle manufacturing technology and changes in world demand towards Stainless Steel handles and away from our more traditional Nickel Alloy Handles. It is therefore our intention to take this opportunity to standardise the existing handle range to enable us to pass on long term cost savings and benefits to our customers.

Initially we are phasing out the plain standard stainless steel
handles No.3 (0903) and No.4 (0904) and shall offer instead the “graduated” version, No.3 (0933) and No.4 (0934). After analysing our current sales the demand globally for the “graduated” handle outweighs that for the “plain” handle and this has influenced our decision. There is no pricing differential between the two types of Stainless handle.

There will be furher developments relating to our Handle range in 2008.