The Universal Hospital in Abu Dhabi has been reopened after the implementation of a corrective plan issued by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH).

Following a series of violations, the health officials had shut down the hospital, located in the Mushrif area, for a month and told the management to discharge patients or transfer them to other clinics.

The 300-plus bed Universal Hospital covers 37 floors over two towers in central Abu Dhabi and houses 18 departments, including accident and emergency wards.

According to the DoH, the facility has been reopened after a visit by the DoH’s audit team. It evaluated a series of measures taken by the hospital to correct the violations and ensure compliance with the standards and regulations of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Last week, the DoH had ordered the closure of the hospital for a month following a compliance audit that revealed several violations.

The DoH and the hospital management have taken corrective measures to ensure that the facility meets the standards and can provide the best health services to patients.

In a statement, the DoH said that the hospital has provided assurances to the healthcare sector regulator reaffirming its commitment to avoid future violations and adhere to the DoH audit team’s recommendations.

The DoH statement read: “Department of Health, Abu Dhabi [Haad], the management health care authority in the emirate, ordered the closure Abu Dhabi Universal Hospital, emphasising that patients’ health and safety, and excellent quality of medical care are their top priority.”

Without disclosing what violations the audit team found, the authority said: “The results from the audit indicated that there were several violations in Universal Hospital which necessitated full and temporary closure for one month.”

The DoH reaffirmed its commitment to cooperate with healthcare facilities across the emirate to ensure compliance with standards and regulations in a bid to improve patients’ experience.