The CyberMed M12 is Cybernet’s “Power Over Ethernet” computer, meaning all it requires for power is a Cat6 cable.

Running Cat6 cabling is much easier than wiring a new electrical outlet, meaning the M12 provides superior flexibility in mounting options. And with an Intel Core processor, you can rest assured the device still packs a punch despite being a lower power consuming computer.

Like Cybernet’s entire selection of medical grade computers, the CyberMed M12 features an antimicrobial housing, a sealed front bezel with IP65 certification, a fanless design, and has been independently tested and certified IEC / UL 60601-1for near-patient use.

The M12 is also just as customizable as the rest of Cybernet’s products, offering options to add an integrated RFID reader, 2D barcode scanner, and customized ports based on your individual needs and applications.