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JP Casey

JP Casey is the editor of Future Power Technology, Offshore Technology Focus and MINE Magazine. Their topics of interest include covering human rights violations in energy, considering the balance of people and profits across the industry, and writing lists in threes.

NHS could benefit from AI by tapping into patient data

A report published by the House of Lords Select Committee that urges the UK Government to develop artificial intelligence (AI) ethically and fairly also encourages the NHS to take advantage of the ‘impressive advances in AI for healthcare’ to improve clinical and administrative services

NHS aims to integrate internal emails with Microsoft Office cloud

NHS Digital has announced a plan to integrate NHS internal emails with the Microsoft Office 365 suite, sharing data across the two platforms in an attempt to protect NHS information from cyberattacks.

e-Genie monitoring software to help hospitals reduce energy use

Researchers from the University of Nottingham’s School of Psychology and the Horizon Digital Economy Institute have developed e-Genie, a business-focused tool that monitors energy usage, which could be of significant value to hospitals.

NHS plans to replace humans with AI technology in its 111 service

A leaked report has suggested that NHS 111, the service’s free helpline for non-urgent medical enquiries, could be replaced by an app powered by artificial intelligence (AI) by 2020.

Artificial Intelligence system predicts life expectancy to aid palliative care

Researchers from the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University have combined deep learning and Electronic Health Record (EHR) data with the aim of dramatically improving palliative care for people with terminal conditions.