When a child has to go into hospital for a surgical procedure it can be a very anxious time for them as well as their parents, especially if it is the first time they have been in hospital. At Intersurgical we have been working in the paediatric anaesthesia field for some time now so we understand the difficulties associated with such sensitive issues. We decided that a good way to take a child’s mind of the forthcoming procedure was to produce a fun colouring book telling of the adventures of Baggins the Bear to help put young minds at ease.

The story unfolds with Baggins entering the hospital for a surgical procedure, receiving and then recovering from the anaesthetic and finally leaving the hospital in a happy and healthy state. Each page is dedicated to an event during his stay in hospital so that the children can colour in the scenes; there are also other fun items for the child to complete including a maze, a drawing grid and a word search.

To accompany the book we have also created a Bravery Certificate for children to take from the hospital on their departure.

In addition, to help comfort each child when being anaesthetised, the Baggins the Bear motif can be found on each Mapleson t-piece system on the scavenging pressure limiting valve and the reservoir bag.

The Baggins the Bear colouring book and Bravery Certificate are available as free downloads in PDF from www.intersurgical.com under the anaesthesia breathing system product section.