Intersurgical are pleased to announce the introduction of their new MRI SOLUS™, an MRI compatible range of Solus laryngeal mask airways.

Intersurgical have developed a new range of single use laryngeal mask airways that are fitted with specially tested non-ferrous valves. These are guaranteed not to interfere with the magnet in an MRI scanner. The plastic valve has been selected to ensure full reliability throughout the shelf life of each device. The valves have also been tested for performance following lengthy periods of time with the valve plunger in situ.

The packaging is clearly marked ‘MRI compatible’ and the pilot balloon and valve plunger are yellow, which is the traditional colour indicator of a non-ferrous laryngeal mask airway, to ensure ease of identification.

For the radiology department, Solus MRI is a quality, single use solution to a complex reprocessing problem.