Intersurgical announces the launch of a full range of C-PEEP fixed value valves, CPAP breathing systems, twin-port masks and harnesses for use in continuous positive airway pressure. These new products complement our comprehensive range of respiratory products.

C-PEEP™ Valves
This new range includes seven PEEP valves ranging from 2.5cm to 20cm H2O. Each valve is colour-coded in line with similar products currently found in the market. Intersurgical valves are 100% tested and individually identified with a code on the valve itself, so that performance data is available for future reference. The valve bodies are manufactured from clear material, showing the internal components, allowing monitoring of patient breath rate and for blockage assessment.

CPAP Breathing Systems
Twelve new CPAP breathing systems are available. These offer active and passive humidification options with a mask or T-piece patient connection compatible with the most common types of flow drivers currently found in hospital departments.

The systems have been designed to be ready for use straight from the pack including PEEP valves, masks, harnesses and safety valves if required. There are two types available: one for flow drivers requiring an external safety valve, and the other for flow drivers with a built in safety valve reducing unwanted components.

CPAP Mask and Harness
The Intersurgical Twin-port CPAP mask offers a comfortable interface to the patient and is available in two sizes – small and medium/large adult. The soft anatomically shaped cushion will comfortably fit a wide range of patient faces. For accurate and reliable CPAP with a wide range of ready to use systems available for the flow drivers commonly found within the hospital choose Intersurgical.