Following the success of the Compact extendable breathing systems for adults, we have launched a new paediatric range, with features that again offer some distinct advantages:

  • Supplied concertinaed increases the number of systems per box, for more cost effective storage and disposal, resulting in significant space savings. A standard box of Compact systems could provide a hospital with an extra three weeks supply*
  • Adjustable length means the tubing can be extended / collapsed to suit your exact needs
  • Shallow profile tube improves laminar gas flow and lower resistance to flow
  • Softer material results in a quiet, non-disruptive sound when expanded and collapsed
  • Flexibility allows for easy tube positioning, without the need for additional connections – ideal for head and neck surgery
  • Compliance is excellent when extended, at 0.28ml/mbar per metre of tube – less than that required in the ISO 5367:2000 standard

The Paediatric Compact breathing system is available in three lengths: 1.5m, 2.0m, and 3.0m (extended length). A one-litre reservoir bag with limb options are also available.

* Comparison based on a hospital with four operating theatres changing the breathing system on a daily basis. Example systems used: Intersurgical code 2150 (Compact II) and code 2000 (Flextube).