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MegaTex Fabric for Cleaning Textured Surfaces

Micronova Manufacturing introduces MegaTex, a nonwoven polyamide fabric with a textured thermo-bonded surface. Now incorporated into several of Micronova’s popular mop designs, this fabric is ideal for cleaning heavy soils, structured floors and other rough surfaces in a cleanroom or controlled environment.

Sealed bonding points give the non-woven structure increased stability against fibers lifting when mopping or wiping rough or textured surfaces.

MegaTex Material is available in various sizes as a wipe or sponge and as an optional cover for Micronova’s curtain cleaner, isolator tool, PadMop, SlimLine and t-mop mopping systems. MegaTex material holds up well to strong disinfectants and steam sterilization.

The MegaTex fabric line is the most recent addition to Micronova’s range of cleaning and maintenance products, which includes floor and wall mops, sponges and wipes, soaps and detergents, cleanroom tape and custom cleanroom products.

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