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Advantech Intelligent Healthcare

Medical Grade Computing Platforms

Advantech has more than a decade of experience delivering comprehensive, high-performance computing systems to the medical market.

European Medical Head Office,
Bijster 20A,
4817 HX Netherlands

European Medical Head Office,
Bijster 20A,
4817 HX Netherlands

Advantech has more than a decade of experience delivering comprehensive, high-performance computing systems to the medical market.

Its computing platforms are designed to satisfy demanding, mission-critical goals to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare. They surpass the performance of commercial computers and meet standards such as UL60601-1 and EN60601-1 for medical safety approval, IPX1 certification for dust and water drip-proof enclosures, and CCC certification for electronic product safety.

Advantech’s iHealthcare products are medical grade and certified for use in a hospital environment. The company provides long-term support.

Medical computing platforms for hospitals and clinics

Advantech has more than 10 years’ experience in the medical market, delivering platforms to hospitals and clinics worldwide. Its products are reliable with quick and easy installation.

Advantech’s medical computing portfolio includes hospital information systems, point-of-care terminals, diagnostic displays, hospital and patient infotainment terminals, a mobile clinical assistant and a medical computerised nursing cart.

Paperless patient monitoring for nursing care and medical record tracking

Advantech provides real-time paperless and film-free patient monitoring solutions for nesting case, bedside patient information and medical record tracking. These cost-effective services allow healthcare professionals in intensive care units (ICU), emergency departments and surgical areas to access and interpret therapeutic information using highly sophisticated equipment.

The company’s real-time monitoring systems closely track patients’ vital signs and translate physiological data into clinical information.

Mobile nursing point-of-care trolleys

Advantech offers innovative point-of-care (POC) systems for nurses and healthcare professionals that spend most of their time moving between nursing stations, wards and patient rooms.

The company’s mobile nursing care solutions comprise highly integrated and reliable technologies that enhance the patient care process.

Advantech’s POC systems Mobile point-of-care systems help streamline workflow, provide accurate data recording and reduce medication errors. They make use of wireless infrastructures, mobile devices and specialised applications to meet the needs of caregivers.

Bedside and clinical care terminals

Advantech designs a variety of bedside terminals that allow patients to watch TV, make phone calls, play games or communicate via the internet. They can be used to control beds, lighting and curtains, as well as for email, web browsing or work purposes.

The terminals can be used for health management activities such as alerting staff of changes, looking up electronic patient records, displaying lab results, monitoring vital signs and document treatment.

Advantech’s all-in-one bedside patient infotainment terminal benefits medical staff by providing secure access to electronic patient data remotely with an optimised hospital workflow as a professional diagnosis aid.

Remote care, telehealth and home care

Advantech’s beside terminals can be used for remote home care for elderly people and patients. These remote medical services assist in the monitoring of health conditions by obtaining and analysing physiological parameters.

The terminals can connect a care receiver and a family member or doctor remotely. Information such as blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels are transmitted via the internet or tele-networking to help determine the patient’s current condition and provide timely homecare or medical services.

Global logistics services for customised medical equipment

Advantech’s global experience, dedicated research and development (R&D) engineers, and leadership in the industrial and embedded computing market contribute to its ability to provide customised solutions based on very specific customer needs. This is realised through the firm’s medical equipment builders service.

Advantech operates worldwide with thousands of employees bringing local support to the market backed by a worldwide, global logistics infrastructure. Its strong global network is the result of more than 25 years of operation, design, manufacturing and know-how in the industrial computing market.

Medical Grade Tablets

Advantech Medical tablets are equipped with LiFePO4 battery to support mobile computing in mobile clinical assistant (MCA).

Healthcare Information Terminals

Advantech provides all-in-one healthcare information terminals for healthcare applications. These intelligent bedside terminals can be applied to home care services and offer medical staff secure access to electronic patient data for diagnoses.

Requirements for Medical Display

Medical imaging involves the use of technologies such as x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imagine (MRI) and computed tomographt (CT) to visualise patients' physical and functional attributes.

Technological Advancement and Trends in Critical Care

Innovations in critical care, including intensive care unit (ICU) and surgical/operation procedures, have helped hospitals and healthcare facilities provide better patient care and offer more comfort to those who need it.

Advantech New Product Preview at Medica 2009

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Fanless Mini-PC and High Brightness 19in LCD Display for Medical Applications

Advantech is proud to release the PIN-M106 fanless mini-PC and the PDC-190, a 19in high resolution LCD display. Together they are designed to facilitate patient care and assist diagnosis by medical personnel. The system is suitable for medical environments such as the surgical room where high bri

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European Medical Head Office

Bijster 20A


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