Advantech provides all-in-one healthcare information terminals for healthcare applications. These intelligent bedside terminals can be applied to home care services and offer medical staff secure access to electronic patient data for diagnoses.


HIT-W222H is a 21.5in all-in-one information terminal for healthcare and Service internet of things (IoT). It is powered by an Intel Haswell i7 processor that supports Windows and Linux operating systems.

The HIT-W222H can be used for communication between family members and patients via webcam, WiFi, and Ethernet network connectivity. It can also be used to authenticate hospital staff and patients through radio-frequency identification (RFID) and smart card reader modules. HIT-W222H is ideal for applications within hospitals, such as nurse calls control panel or bedside information terminals.


HIT-W121B, a 11.6in medical-grade certified healthcare infotainment terminal that has a single-surface touchscreen.

Powered by an Intel® Celeron® Quad-core processor, the unit supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Android.

Patients can use the unit to communicate with their families by webcam, WiFi and Ethernet network connectivity. It can also be used to perform ID checks through RFID and smart card reader.

With a wide range of optional modules, HIT-W121B can be applied to different scenarios such as bedside information terminals, nurse/emergency calls, pharmacy information systems, mobile nurse carts and self-service kiosks in the hospital. Outside of the hospital, the unit is a good choice for healthcare-related facilities such as treatment centres, aged care facilities and fitness centres.