Advantech PAX provides high-quality images for endoscopic and surgical image systems.

Surgeons, doctors, medical professionals and system integrators will be able to find high-quality solutions for any applications and their operating room (OR) environment.

Advantech delivers a complete hospital streaming solution together with its medical-grade panel personal computers (PC), medical displays (with integrated NDcoder) and mobile solutions, including lossless 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) zero-latency video streaming with mouse and touch-through.

Surgical monitors

The surgical PAX Series is assorted with some of the most comprehensive ranges of surgical display solutions. With the latest display technologies and wide connectivity, including 3G serial digital interface (SDI) and single-mode fibre optic interface, PAX provides one of the most advanced and elastic display solutions for OR and surgical theatre integrators.


Designed to deliver medical images, the PAX-327 monitor supports full high definition (HD) and UHD resolution. Featuring the Rec. 709 Color Space, true red-green0blue (RGB) and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Part 14 GSDF compliant monitor, the unit has 14-bit lookup table (LUT) processing grayscale, hardware calibration support and automatic input source detection. PAX-327 ensures precise representation of grayscale images.


Designed to deliver medical images of optimal quality, the PAX-324 monitor supports a full HD resolution of 1920×1200 @ 60Hz. Equipped with DICOM Part 14 Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) compliance 14-bit LUT processing grayscale, hardware calibration support and automatic charge input detection, the PAX-324 surgical monitor ensures precise representation of grayscale images.

Its slim true-flat design offers physical onscreen display keys, a splash screen and an optional touchscreen with projective capacitive control. The technology can be upgraded into an IP-based monitor.