Perimeter Healthcare, a mental and behavioural healthcare facility based in Atlanta, has acquired Lake Pines Hospital based in Kenner, Louisiana.

Lake Pines Hospital is a 36-bed behavioural healthcare facility offering in-patient care for adults suffering from acute mental and behavioural health conditions.

The deal also includes the St. Theresa Hospital building, which houses Lake Pines Hospital.

Commenting on the deal, Perimeter Healthcare CEO and president Rod Laughlin stated: “About 40 to 45 beds will be added within the next eight months. We plan to give the whole building a facelift, improve the general ambiance, and of course enhance the quality healthcare delivery in the hospital.”

The newly renovated facility will be named Perimeter Behavioral Hospital of New Orleans and its operations will also be expanded to cover adult, geriatric, and adolescent populations.

Perimeter Healthcare COO Lisa Evans said: “We are not only concerned about expanding our reach but ensuring our track record of excellent service delivery is upheld. It is our desire to replicate the success we have had in our other facilities across the country in New Orleans.

“We will always continue working towards achieving the Perimeter mission of providing hope and transforming lives everywhere we operate.”

Lake Pines Hospital CEO Debbie Tullier said: “Perimeter Healthcare is a leading behavioural healthcare company and Lake Pines Hospital’s vision and mission align with theirs. I am quite positive that the acquisition is a bold step in the right direction.

“Our focus on our patients will always be our number one priority. If anything, the standard of care and the commitment towards individualised mental and behavioural therapy will be improved upon and services expanded.”