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Heat Exchange Equipment and Safety Training Seminars

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Armstrong Flow Control provides training seminars for workplace health and safety standards and also offers heat exchange equipment for hospitals.

Safety training seminars

Armstrong Flow Control aims to share local and international knowledge and experience to assist in improving the safety and productivity of hospitals.

A comprehensive range of training seminars are provided covering the latest workplace health and safety standards, as well as steam and hot water system layouts.

Seminars can be conducted in-house or offsite and vary from an hour and a half to a full day course. All seminars are conducted by professional trainers, and participants receive a certificate upon completion.

Air vents for venting air from the steam system.
Armstrong has an extensive range of ball valves for any application.
Heating coils and humidifiers are designed to suit your requirements.
Armstrong has an extensive range of steam traps to suit any application.

The seminars are customisable, with opportunities to participate and ask questions. Guidelines will also be available for various types of heating, process and heat exchange equipment.

Hot water heater with digital control and feed forward control systems

Flo-Rite is an instantaneous hot water heater, which is equipped with a feed forward control system, digital control and a consistent outlet temperature with no thermal lag and rapid response.

Water heaters offer an easy-to-use alternative to traditional instantaneous, semi-instantaneous and tank-type steam-heating methods. It works by eliminating the temperature sensing feedback element.

The heaters rely on the hot water system demand requirement within the system or application, making feed-forward systems quick to respond and accurate.

A constant, non-modulating steam pressure within the shell eliminates cycling wear and tear, while the system demand or flow feed-forward activation eliminates the requirement for a steam control valve or a supplementary thermostatic control device.

Flo-Rite-Temp is safe to use as the mixing unit will use cold water if the primary operating component fails. In addition, the controlling outlet temperature feature of the water heater reduces waterborne bacterial content during the overheating process.

Steam quality monitor and data logging

Other features of the heater include an optional BrainScan to link to LAN, BAS or ISP networks, which is easy to maintain due to the compact design.

Steam Quality Monitor OM-3 is an automatic steam quality monitor that determines and communicates steam moisture content, the amount of superheat present and concentration of non-condensable gases in steam.

The product features includes:

  • Simple ‘plug-and-play’ installation
  • Simultaneous steam dryness, superheat and non-condensable (NCGs) monitoring
  • Safe alternative to traditional manual method of monitoring steam quality
  • Greater precision to comply with European Standard calibrations compared with manual method
  • RS485 connections for data logging using regulation compliant device and results remotely monitored by MODBUS

About Armstrong

Based in Brisbane, Armstrong manufacturers products in-house that include steam filters, separators for air or steam, orifice plates, condensate receivers, flash vessels and sight glasses.

The company specialises in steam and hot water system design and understands how to improve their efficiency. Armstrong guarantees more productive systems through detailed audits and improvement recommendations.

Armstrong Flow Control (AFC) is a privately owned Australian company, which specialises in the steam market.

The company has stocking facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney and carries large amounts of valve and steam related products, as well as a fully equipped engineering facility.

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Products & services

  • Training

    Armstrong Flow Control shares their local and international knowledge and experience with clients.

  • Hot Water

    Armstrong provides an extensive range of hot water generation and distribution products.

  • Pressure and Temperature Control

    Armstrong Flow Control understands that accurate pressure and temperature control in a steam system is critical to the production in a plant.

  • Condensate Management

    Armstrong Flow Control provides condensate pumps for the collection of condensate from various sources to a central collection point.

  • Steam Traps

    Armstrong Flow Control is the exclusive Australian agent for its range of steam traps.

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