“The Downstream Processing World Congress was started, from a need to serve the purification needs of the pharma and bioprocessing community. After 5 successful years of the Cell Culture World Congress, Downstream Processing World Congress was born out of demand from our previous attendees, speakers and feedback over the years to address the purification needs of the pharma and bioprocessing community. Addressing the key issues in continuous processing, single-use technology, chromatography, automation and analytics to make the purification of biologics more efficient and cost effective.

Sharing an exhibition space with Cell Culture, Downstream Processing remains a separate and specialised event addressing decreasing costs, increasing output, improving chromatography efficiency, PAT and continuous purification .

2016 heralds a move to a new venue in the heart of Munich, with twice as many pharma and biotech attendees as 2015 and including Munich’s major biotech clusters this year’s conference is set to be better than ever. The Downstream Processing World Congress 2016 will introduce new and exciting content focusing on innovation and development with an emphasis on new methods. Showcasing exciting new technologies such as purifying complex molecules, PAT, continuous purification, chromatography alternatives and new methods of purification. Content will include cutting edge research and even more case studies, over 40 presentations from those working in bioprocess in big pharma, interactive sessions with biotechs and will be collocated with the 6th annual Cell Culture World Congress.