Alliance Laundry Systems - Hospital Management
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Alliance Laundry Systems

Laundry Equipment for the Healthcare Industry

Alliance Laundry Systems produces commercial laundry equipment and solutions for the hospital management sector.

Nieuwstraat 146,
B-8560 Belgium

Alliance Laundry Systems produces commercial laundry equipment and solutions for the hospital management sector.

Contamination-free laundry for the healthcare industry

Alliance innovates, researches, develops and invests in new technologies and manufacturing processes.

UniMac, a brand of Alliance, specialises in on-premises laundry (OPL) solutions with a range of highly reliable, durable and proven products and technologies, including barrier washers for contamination-free laundry.

The company also provides design, fulfilment, after-sales and maintenance operation services.

Barrier washers and extractors for sterile laundry

Laundry within a hospital or care environment is critical as it can save lives; however, contaminated laundry can endanger patients, staff, and the reputation of the hospital.

Contamination and re-contamination risks that apply to linen can be eliminated using the hygienic barrier concept in accordance with EN14065 that focuses specifically on laundry processed textiles and bio contamination control systems.

For barrier-based laundries, the equipment is important. The barrier washer/extractor is installed through the wall, loaded from the ‘soiled’ area and unloaded into the clean room.

The clean room features modern equipment with sensors to ensure the door on the contaminated side remains locked, while the door on the clean room is open, and vice versa.

High capacity equipment for clean room facilities

UniMac equipment is intrinsically safe to enable customers to conform to stringent health regulations, and features reliable performance and a compact design.

The equipment can deliver the highest capacity for the smallest footprint in clean room facilities where space is often at a premium. It includes a five-year warranty on all parts.

Sampling equipment for water analysis

UniMac’s barrier washers feature a water-sampling tap that allows samples to be taken and analysed to ensure quality is maintained and potential contamination issues are identified and resolved.

Dedicated traceability software provides the ability to deliver external / remote tracking of system performance, including temperature and cycle times, to ensure it complies with the required standards. Data can be stored and printed if requested.

In an industry where it is the individual who can be held accountable, and managing risk includes controlling reputational risk, being able to manage the laundry process with confidence is an essential part of the healthcare regime.

Alliance Laundry Systems

Nieuwstraat 146