Micronova Introduces MicroFiber Fabric for Controlled Environments, Support and General Cleaning

Micronova Manufacturing launches a MicroFiber fabric option to its existing portfolio of mops, sponges and wipes. This blended polyester material is well suited to cleaning in controlled and support environments as it offers greater absorbency, better friction resistance and cleans more efficiently than traditional cleanroom mop fabrics.

The new MicroFiber range of mops hold up to laundering, autoclave and irradiation, and can be considered for single or multi-use applications in biotechnology, hospital and LAR facilities. All mops are designed for use with Micronova’s exclusive line of electro-polished stainless steel adapters, handles and multi-bucket carts.

The polyester / polyamide fabric has filaments 30 times smaller than cotton fibers, which work more efficiently in drawing up and removing micro-particles, rather than simply passing over the dirt, an important attribute when cleaning textured surfaces, spills and heavy soils.

MicroFiber material is available in various sizes as a wipe or sponge and as an optional cover for Micronova’s curtain cleaner, isolator tool, PadMop, SlimLine and t-mop mopping systems. MicroFiber material holds up well to strong disinfectants and steam sterilization.

The MicroFiber fabric line is the most recent addition to Micronova’s range of cleaning and maintenance products, which includes floor and wall mops, sponges and wipes, soaps and detergents, cleanroom tape and custom cleanroom products.

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