BD Medical has announced the nationwide retail pharmacy launch of BD AutoShield™ Duo at the annual meeting for the American Association of Diabetes Educators in Orlando, Florida.

AutoShield Duo is the only pen needle with patented dual front and back-end shields, providing greater convenience and safety.

The technology conceals the needle, helping to alleviate pre-injection anxiety, while helping to reduce the risk of accidental needle stick for patients who inject insulin or other diabetes drugs.

The pen needle is easy to use, as there is no inner needle shield to manage and no re-capping necessary. It allows easy disposal in a sharps container, avoiding the risk of an accidental needle stick.

A front shield automatically covers the needle before and after an injection, and a second shield passively covers the back end needle after injection.

BD Medical Worldwide President, Diabetes Care Ranjeet Banerjee said: "By simplifying the steps, BD AutoShield Duo pen needles can help make insulin injection easier, safer and more convenient than ever before."

"The US launch of the BD AutoShield Duo pen needle is the latest example of BD’s commitment to innovation to simplify the management of diabetes for people around the world."

In addition to helping reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks, the pen needles include audio and visual cues for an enhanced injection experience.

The front shield clicks to indicate the needle has fully penetrated the skin and a red band appears when the injection is completed. A back end shield covers the rear needle point, when the pen needle is removed from the pen.

BD’s AutoShield Duo pen needle supports the American Association of Diabetes Educators guidelines for injection techniques. This includes the use of shorter needles, proper site rotation, and using needles only once.

BD Medical’s devices support earlier initiation and better adherence to prescribed therapies, to help diabetes patients live healthier lives.