BD Diagnostics has announced the availability of the Total Nucleic Acid (TNA) suite of reagents for the BD MAX System.

The BD MAX System is the first molecular system, which allows laboratories developing tests to combine extraction, amplification, and detection on a single, easy to use, automated platform.

With the expansion of the Open System Reagent suite to accommodate TNA, laboratories and test developers can use the system for assays, which incorporate DNA and RNA targets.

The new reagents complement the current suite of BD MAX Open System Reagents by enabling the development of assays which use a single unitised strip, and consolidate reagents for extraction and amplification of DNA and RNA.

The BD MAX System shifts the traditional paradigm for user-developed molecular assays from a labour-intensive process, which requires multiple instruments for a streamlined, integrated format.

BD Diagnostics vice-president and general manager for Molecular Diagnostics and Women’s Health Doug White said: "User-developed molecular assays typically involve discrete extraction, amplification and detection procedures performed on two or more platforms, taking from several hours to days to complete.

"In contrast, the BD MAX System automates this process and our new TNA product line provides the opportunity to develop assays with a simplified workflow for DNA / RNA extraction and amplification in a single reaction."