Intersurgical is pleased to announce the launch of the Drum – a new easy-to-use pre-filled 1kg soda-lime cartridge.

The Drum is an alternative to loose fill absorbents and offers ease of exchange with minimal handling. The Drum can be used on all anaesthetic machines with single or double absorber that have been designed to take the conventional pre-fill cartridges.

The Drum range offers additional features compared with other pre-filled cartridges.

The unique design of the Drum with central baffle and dispersion channels reduces channelling and coring and leads to improved gas flow through the cartridge. This allows for a more visible colour change and more effective use of the absorbent within the cartridge. It also prevents the problem of gas failing to spread throughout the width of the cartridge, which can occur with some pre-filled cartridges.

Intersurgical are also the only supplier to give you the choice of a full range of absorbents. You can choose from LoFloSorb - alkali hydroxide-free absorbent, Spherasorb - conventional-type soda lime but with a reduced risk of drying out and only a very low level of alkali hydroxide, and Intersorb plus - standard soda lime.