Due to growing concerns about the risk of cross infection, Intersurgical has developed a single use laryngeal mask airway; the Solus™.

The Solus range is ideal for use in both anaesthesia and emergency medicine.

The range includes standard PVC Solus™, wire-reinforced Solus Flexible, the softer compound Solus Satin and full silicone Supra™ options. All Intersurgical laryngeal mask airways are single use, latex-free and are supplied sterile, with the following features:

  • Low-friction material: reducing the drag on insertion / extraction
  • Classic cuff shape: for reliable consistent use
  • Visible information: essential information printed on the product for quick reference on insertion
  • High-quality valve: to ensure continual cuff integrity

Visit the website to view the full range and review the supporting information sheet and video: