New neonatal and paediatric product catalogue.

Intersurgical provides a wide range of paediatric and neonatal patient solutions and manufactures high-quality and innovative respiratory products.

Both 10mm and 15mm breathing systems are available for critical care and anaesthesia in a variety of lengths, configurations, and tube types. These are compatible with the majority of ventilators in the market.

Intersurgical’s nFlow™ infant nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) system offers a solution for infant CPAP and is compatible with flow drivers designed for use with gas flip technology CPAP, providing the marginally higher system pressure associated with this treatment. The nFlow ™ range consists of breathing systems, bonnets, nasal prongs, and masks.

The company’s friendly Baggins the Bear icon appears on a number of paediatric products, designed to aid in distracting and relaxing your paediatric patient undergoing anaesthesia. Baggins also appears in a collection of supporting materials including a storybook, a large poster, and bravery certificate, which can be ordered or downloaded from our website.

Intersurgical’s paediatric and neonatal range also includes the 7000 Series Respiratory Humidifier, tube management programme, spirometry sets, CO2 absorbents, and the Intersurgical EcoLite™ range of oxygen and aerosol masks.