Shimadzu, worldwide manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment, has presented the new generation of its mobile X-ray systems, the MobileArt Evolution. The unit combines brilliant image quality with simple handling and easy maneuverability. With the MobileArt Evolution exact positioning is possible even in narrow spaces, thus facilitating X-rays in smaller hospital rooms. In addition, it saves time-consuming ways and transports to the radiology department.

The MobileArt Evolution is available in two versions. The standard version is equipped with an imaging performance of 12.5kW/320mAs. The premium version comes with an imaging performance of 32kW/320mAs and offers outstanding imaging quality for interdisciplinary applications.

Brilliant image quality

Compared with the predecessor series, awarded the Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award, the new MobileArt Evolution has some additional features, further improving diagnostics and operability. The premium version of the MobileArt Evolution is equipped with a newly developed dual focal spot size X-ray tube with an anode heat storage capacity of 300kHU that significantly improves the image quality.

‘Inch-Mover’ and ‘All Free’ functions feature for optimum positioning

Simply using the ‘Inch-Mover’ button on the collimator, the MobileArt Evolution can be optimally positioned for image aquisition. This feature makes it easy to precisely align the system. The collimator handle as well as the telescopic arm carry ‘All Free’ buttons, releasing all electromagnetic locks on arm rotation, arm extension and vertical movement of the X-ray tube.

The telescope is freely rotatable 270° and can be extended to a length of 120cm. Even the most difficult imaging situations are thus made possible by the vertical telescope range of 75cm to 201cm.

Two systems with different column heights are available: the standard version with 193cm and a low column type with 178cm. This system has the benefit of easier movement in elevators and through doors.

Easy maneuverability with low-noise motor

The power-assisted drive system of the MobileArt Evolution allows the operator to move the system safely and easily. Slight pressure to the drive handle is sufficient to maneuver the unit in the desired direction. The new silent motor is quiet enough for ward radiography, especially at night.

The drive handle can be pre-set in three stages above the standard height and can thus be adjusted to the body height of the operator.

The soft-touch safety bumper prevents accidents on hospital corridors. Responding to even the slightest pressure, it stops the MobileArt Evolution. If necessary, a chime can be activated to avoid accidents when driving the unit through a crowded medical facility.

Faster workflow due to pre-settings

72 preset anatomical programs make examinations even more efficient. By pressing the appropriate key, the optimal radiography conditions can be selected for body region, body thickness, direction of the projection and the focal spot size.

Up to ten individual passwords limit access to the MobileArt Evolution to authorized staff only. For each password a user parameter setting can be specified after entering the password.

Additional optional features are the folding type radiation shield, an infrared remote control facilitating image triggering from a distance of several meters and thus minimizing exposure to radiation for the staff, as well as a large cassette box holding up to 15 cassettes with a format of 35cm x 43cm.

Upgrading to digital operation

The premium version can be upgraded to fully digital operation at any time. Depending on the examination conditions, six different flat detectors in the formats 23cm x 28cm and 35cm x 43cm are available, processing the images within only 3s and displaying them on the touchscreen. By upgrading to a fully digital system, hospitals provide for the option of linking into the digital workflow of their hospital network in due time.