Vocera Communications, a provider in clinical communication and workflow solutions, has signed a three-year contractual agreement with the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) of British Columbia.

As per the terms and conditions, Vocera will be responsible for installing and supporting its solutions in clinics, hospitals, and specialty health centres.

The Vocera solution is used in over 100 healthcare facilities in all six health authorities of British Columbia.

Healthcare professionals such as nurses, physicians, and other care team members use the hands-free Vocera Badge, the Vocera smartphone application, or a mix of both to communicate and collaborate.

Claimed to cut down steps and save time, Vocera technology allows mobile workers to link with the right person, group and get information quickly.

With the use of this Vocera system, clinicians need not be concerned about remembering phone numbers, names, or aspects of the call; instead, they can text or say to a specific group or individual.

Furthermore, Vocera solutions integrate with over 140 clinical systems, including nurse call systems, physiologic monitors, electronic health records, ventilators and real-time location systems.

Due to this interoperability, staff response times, patient care, safety and experience are claimed to improve.

Vocera president and CEO Brent Lang said: “Vocera is proud to collaborate with PHSA for care team communication across British Columbia.

“Effective communication supports a consistent, secure and seamless experience for patients and care teams.”