Company A-Z - Hospital Management
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Buyer and Seller of Pre-Owned Diagnostic Imaging Equipment
Smart Energy Solutions for Hospitals
CELL-DYN Hematology Systems
Tests for the Assessment of Platelet Response
Medical Grade Computing Platforms
Laundry Equipment for the Healthcare Industry
Patient Handling and Hygiene Systems, Therapeutic Surfaces, Wound Healing, Hospital Beds, DVT Prevention and Infection Control
Heat Exchange Equipment and Safety Training Seminars
Diagnostic Platforms for Molecular Testing
Products for Infectious Waste Disposal
Liquid Handling Products and Diagnostic Test Systems
Research and Diagnostic Products, Immunoassays, Proteins and Antibodies
Sidebranch Stents for the Treatment of Coronary Bifurcation Disease
Healthcare Communication and Medical-Grade Networks
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Hospital Management Industry
Medical-Grade Computer Technology for Hospital Use
Interoperability for Healthcare IT
Real-Time Location, Communication, RFID and Sensor Solutions
Cardiovascular Function Diagnostics: Cardiogoniometry, ECG and High-End Blood Pressure Devices
Polyurethane Foam Dressings for Wound Care
Fluid-Handling Components for Medical and Diagnostic Devices
Transparent Pressure Dressings
3D Virtual Training and Collaboration Software
Hospital and Healthcare Management MBA
Global eHealth Solutions
Medical Imaging and Information Technologies, Medical Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring Systems
GlobalData exists to help businesses decode the future to profit from faster, more informed decisions.
VACUETTE® Specimen Collection System
Wound Management: Wound Care Products, Dressing Retention and Hydroactive Dressings for Acute and Chronic Wound Care
Interactive 3D Applications for Medical Training
Laboratory Diagnostics Reagents and Equipment
Rapid Hygiene Test System
Portable, Hand-Held Tonometers for IOP Measurement without Anaesthesia
Telemedicine / EHR Systems
Hospital Management Market Reports and Industry Analysis
Respiratory Support Products
Wound Care Products, Regenerative Medicine and Therapeutic Support Systems
Chart Papers and Accessories for Medical Recorders
Hospital Beds, Intensive-Care Beds, Nursing-Care Beds, Pressure Ulcer Prevention Mattresses, Clinical Support and Services
Fully Integrated Clinician Information Support System (CISS) and Online Medical Record System (OMR)
Fabrics and Garments for Operating Theatres
Orthopaedic Surgical Power Instruments
Cleaning Kits, Irradiated Tapes and Wipes
MBA in International Healthcare and Hospital Management
Name Badges, Plastic Name Badge Holders, Lanyards, Badge Trays and Place Cards
MR Imaging Coils and Biopsy Accessories
14-15 October, Stockholm, Sweden
Linear Accelerators and Treatment Simulators
Medical Video Solutions: HD Cameras, Monitors and Recording Equipment
Medical Recording Chart Papers
Primary Wound Dressings
17 and 18 October, London, UK
Waste Management Solutions for Healthcare Institutions
Mobile Medical Imaging Equipment Provider
Semi-Rigid Pedicle Screw Systems
Medical Scrubs and Nursing Accessories
Waiting Room Toys and Furniture: Activity Wall Panels, Play Cubes, and Commercial-Quality Rugs
Diagnostic System Development
Obese and Bariatric Patient Transfer and Repositioning Equipment
Patient, Staff, Operations and Facility Services for Healthcare Organisations
Hospital Cleaning Services
Multifunctional Transport Wheelchairs for the Airport, Hospital and Leisure Sectors
Digital Signage for Hospitals
Steam System Engineering for Hospital Environments
Low-Temperature and Compact Sterilisation Systems
Surgical Instruments, Speciality Tables and Super-Cut Scissors
Medical Instrument Fixation, Preventative Maintenance, Mobile Service and Repair
Surgical Products, Surgical Blades, Handles and Scalpels
Elta® Skin and Wound Care Products
Portable PC-Based Ultrasound Scanners, Imaging Tools for 3D Sonography, Panoramic Imaging, Speckle Reduction
European Leader for Mobile Medical Units
Rapid Urine Tests for Glucose and pH Levels
Steriking® Specialised Packaging for Hospital Sterilization